Podcasts were the second thing that we ever created online, and we've done a bunch! Each of the show logos here will link to the page for that show which will have all of the episodes. Each show can also be found on iTunes or your podcatcher of choice.


Our first ever podcast. Each episode endeavors to take a blockbuster film and discuss how we would remake it on an impossibly small $999,999 budget. It's been retired after 250  episodes, but we'll return to it every now and again as we feel the need. 

A limited series, and the first season of How Good Is That? that Dan and Jayrod recorded in the run up to the release of 'Avengers: Infinity War' where they rewatched every MCU film and ended by ranking each of them.

Each week Dan and Max get together to talk about things that they think are cool and worth seeing. Geek news, pop culture, flat earth controversy and more!

Supraliminal Films first seasonal Podcast. Each season takes a series of something (books, movies, TV, etc.) and ranks them! The First Season "To Infinity War" is complete. The Second Season "To The Black" is airing now!