Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 85 "Our Marvel Sherpa"

San Diego Comic Con was last weekend, and we only skirted talking about it because we like our hot takes to be a bit more original. Also because there was SO MUCH to digest that we would probably be able to do a double episode and not even come close to covering it all! This week Dan brings us the news that NASA once sold their magnetic tape video recordings of the moon landing and they recently sold at private auction for more than $1.000.000! Max tells us about suffering from Marvel overload in the one story we did do about SDCC. Do you think there are too many Marvel movies? Dan tells us about Disney making a kid’s show sequel to The Rocketeer with a female lead and a neat animation style, and then Max rounds us out with a review of the final issue of The Walking Dead.

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Daniel Serwan