Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 41 "You Don't Have That Movie Any More"

We have our first ever fan submission this episode! That gives us 5 whole topics in this episode! We have Dan leading us off with a discussion about the Nintendo Switch getting a whole bunch of Asmodee distributed board games, Max talks to us about how media as a service, at least when run by Apple might not be a good idea, Dan brings us back up to speed on the continuing trials of getting a film made from the Lovecraft classic “The Color Out of Space” and then Max runs us a neat little story about a lake that wound up with a Jason Vorhees statue at the bottom of it that’s causing quite the controversy. Then our first ever fan subscription from longtime listener Natalie who wanted us to know about the continuing troubles that American Gods Season Two is having, now having lost yet another show runner.

Daniel Serwan