Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 32 "Close the Pod Bay Door"

We did it again this week! Dan scooped Max's final story! But fortunately it was a doozy and gave us plenty to talk about, so no worry of a shorter episode here, fans and friends. First thing Dan leads us off with old news about never before seen Mitch Hedberg footage that will apparently be making a public appearance eventually, Max tells us all about Neil Blomkamp's Robocop remake/reboot, and then Dan and Max spend lots of time talking about Stanley Kubrick because a lost screenplay called "Burning Secret" has been found! Will we get a new Kubrick movie 20 years after his death? Only time will tell. Is there something that you want to know if we've seen or think we should see? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Daniel Serwan