Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 6 "Globeist Conspiracies"

Please don’t let that title fool you, not ALL of the members of this podcast are into Flat Earth nonsense, only Max. But we still let him be a part of the show. This week We have a mini theme of comic books again, with Dan bringing potential rumored news of finally getting Black Adam in a DCEU film and Max brings a review of the first issue of DC’s Doomsday Clock Crossover Event. We also have news of a flat earth “researcher” being told by the Bureau of Land Management he can’t launch a homemade rocket on public land, and the fact that the BBC is finally releasing a nearly 40 year old Doctor Who story that was written by Douglas Adams, Shada. Have you seen something you’d like us to talk about or think we should have seen? Find us on facebook at DidYouSeePodcast and let us know!

Daniel Serwan