Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 26 "The Triumphant Return!"

We've been gone for a few weeks while we got our website back in order, but it's back now and, by association, so are we. Getting right back in to the swing of things Dan starts us with news of the new Dungeons and Dragons books being released this fall and announced this very weekend. Max starts off his return in a strong with, telling us about a sweet looking trailer for a French/Italian movie called "Let The Corpses Tan", Dan keeps the talk in film land with news about MoviePass starting up their own film distribution shop then Max rounds us out with news about the DJI Ronin S gimbal, something of interest to low buidget filmmakers everywhere. If there’s something you think we should have seen or want us to see, make sure you mention it to us on facebook and twitter!

Daniel Serwan