Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 25 "It Hasn't Happened Since"

Kind of a downer episode this week, lots of deaths to talk about. Dan starts the mourning off with a discussion about the passing of director Milos Foreman, then Max tries to take it positive with discussion about the new single from the band Ghost which we both have some concerns about, then Dan takes us into retro arcade gaming with the news that Billy Mitchell, subject of the documentary “Fist Full of Quarters” has been stripped of his Donkey Kong records. Max rounds us out with talk about “Mirror”, a new tabletop RPG where you play AS your friends. Then some late breaking news that was revealed while we were recording, the death of noted actor R. Lee Ermey. Is there something you think we should have seen or want to know if we have seen? Let us know on twitter or facebook!

Daniel Serwan