Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 21 "Inject A Little Levity"

And that’s exactly what we were trying to do with this episode in the wake of the news of Toys ‘R Us closing all of its remaining stores. That’s our first story, then Max brings us up again immediately with discussion of K.B. Toys coming back from oblivion. (We swear we don’t pre-plan this show). Dan then takes us to a dark place with discussion about the new SyFy Leprechaun film and Max rounds out the show with news about Japan’s latest attempt to tackle a wild boar issue, the Super Monster Wolves which are really just bad robot scarecrows that look kinda like wolves. Is there something you want to know if we’ve seen or something you think we should see? Check us out of Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

Daniel Serwan