Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 16 "Not Immune to Jump Scares"

Neither of us are immune to jump scares, we admit it this episode. This episode was recorded during the half time of Super Bowl 52, because we love you guys, our fans. Also because Dan and Max weren’t paying the greatest amount of attention to the game anyway, despite being life long residents of the Philly area. This week Max leads us in with the most recent news we’ve ever covered, the announcement that Netflix will be showing the latest movie in the Cloverfield franchise immediately after the airing of the Super Bowl, which was announced during a commercial break during the broadcast. Dan follows up a story he discussed several episodes ago about Brian Michael Bendis and his exclusive deal with DC Comics, detailing exactly which books Bendis will be writing. Max brings some existential questions about the marketing and promotional campaign for the new entry in the “The Purge” franchise, and then Dan rounds us out with a talk about the newest Marvel trailer to hit, Ant Man and the Wasp. Was there something you wanted to know if we’ve seen, or something you think we should see? Check us out on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

Daniel Serwan