Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 11 "Awful Lot of Teacups"

Happy New Year to all! This week Dan brings news of the Roseanne reboot, relaunch, whatever it is. Max talks about AMC Theaters and their potential plan to introduce tiered pricing for moviegoing. Dan then brings us back to Star Wars for discussions about Mark Hamill’s opinions about The Last Jedi and why it might not be the best idea to air your personal issues with your boss on the internet. Lastly, Max who ever has his finger on the pulse of Hollywood brings news that most of the films up for major awards in this upcoming season have had their screenplays released online for any and all to read. Is there something you want to know if we’ve seen, or is there something you think we should have seen? Let us know on facebook and twitter!

Daniel Serwan