Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 28 "Fantastic Reaction Time"

We've done something this week we've only ever done once before! Max and Dan each brought the same (well, in this case a similar) story to talk about. Though, to be fair, Super Smash Brothers coming to the Nintendo Switch with a crazy lineup featuring every single character ever released in a Smash Brothers game is some wild news! Max follows it up with some Hip Hop news, discussing Kayne and Kid Cudi's "KIDS SEE GHOSTS" which looks like a pretty great album. Dan rounds us out with the news that 8 years from now the whole world is going to be paying attention to the United States once more as we're part of a joint arrangement with Canada and Mexico to host the FIFA World Cup which is something he's been hoping would happen for a very very long time! Is there something you think we should have seen or want to know if we've seen? Check us out on facebook and twitter!

Daniel Serwan