Did You See...?

Did You See...? - Episode 45 "So Wonderfully Poor"

We aren’t, but the way people do things often is. This week we have another fan submission, with Natalie asking us if we’d seen the teaser for the new live action Aladdin film, which we had, and seems rad. Then Dan starts us off with discussion about the Netflix adaptations coming of the Chronicles of Narnia books, Max takes us in a spooky direction with news about the 50(!) unpublished/unfinished scripts that George A. Romero had in various stages of completion when he passed, Dan tells us all about the Stan and Ollie trailer, featuring a super well made-up John C. Reilly, and Max rounds us out with thrilling discussion about a 14 year olf TV series from the UK known as Garth Marenghi’s Darkplacem, which sounds like a lot of fun! Is there something you think we should see or want to know if we’ve seen? Let us know on facebook or twitter!

Daniel Serwan