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Friends of Supraliminal Films

Please take a minute to visit all these fine folks who have helped us along the way!

Billy’s Cult Facebook and YouTube Mike Lucas of Jaunted Productions has been a friend of Supraliminal Films for many years! Max and Paul have worked with him before, and we’re all on our way to working with him very soon!

Natalie Jackson Graphic Designer who has helped create and digitize some of the logos you’ve seen on our page!

Ryan Measel The Great Death himself (From Death Chase) is also a great mixer of Audible Chocolate! Take a listen to some of his musical creations while driving, cleaning, or just relaxing!

Rellik With “Faceless” writer Darrell Rapp on lead vocals, this is an Old School Death Metal band from New Jersey. Check them out!

META We use this music in our shorts! We get to use it free! That’s so awesome you should go here and give it a listen.

Capes and Scowls Tim Erwin & Friends take you through all things pop culture and comic related! Check out their podcast when not listening to Poor Man’s Process!

Dr. Death Dr. Death: The band bringing the eerie and awesome sounds for major portions of Season 3 of Memoirs of the Macabre!

High Council Lou Di Domenico, guest of Poor Man’s Process and member of the Capes and Scowls team, is also a member of this band. From the website: “For years, High Council has been bludgeoning its loyal fans with ferocious epics of riff-fueled neoclassic rock-metal.” We support and endorse this in many ways!

The Obsessive Viewer Our friends over at The Obsessive Viewer have had us help on their annual Oscars podcast for 2 years now! Take a look at what else they’re up to!

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