May 29

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 241 “Freddy Verja!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This Episode suffers a bit because it was recorded on equipment below our usual standard. We hope everyone can still enjoy it.

Only one more after this. Only one more in this epic series remake, and then we’re on to other things. We’re tackling Freddy Vs. Jason today, and spend a lot of our time puzzling how a film with so much promise could be so bad. And explaining how we would make it less bad, as is our norm.

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May 22

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 240 “Taking Place In The Real World”

A New Nightmare approaches! Well, actually, a remake of “New Nightmare”, and the final entry in the original series remakes that we’re doing. Only two episodes remain now until we’re through the entirety of the Nightmare on Elm Street. We also learn that there is no film currently existing called “Satanic Panic”, of so we thought at the time. Turns out Dan was wrong in research, there is such a film, it came out in 2009.

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May 15

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 239 “There Are Rules!”

And one of them is that when someone sings “Cool Jerk”, you must join in. Another is that there is a level of poop and fart jokes that will make Paul become invested in the ongoing success of the podcast. This episode is also our furthest departure from the original Nightmare on Elm Street series because of the changes that we’ve made throughout our remakes up to this point. We also remove probably the dumbest way to defeat Freddy, and greatly improve upon it.

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May 08

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 238 “Dream Children”

We’re five deep in this journey through the Nightmare on Elm Street remake series and this time we’re moving again slightly further from the source material. As I warned, it’s going to be getting further and further from the originals from here. This time we’ve got a team of orphans fighting a dream world super powerful Freddy who also happens to be one of the orphan children! Also, Paul has made his triumphant return!

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May 01

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 237 “Falcon Punch!”

Episode 4 is now in the books. Our remake of the Nightmare on Elm Street series presses on into The Dream Master. We’re down Paul this week, but we’ve replaced him with our most frequent guest star, CJ. We have to take some departures from the original work here because of changes and decisions we have made along the process. It’s likely that we’re going to have to keep moving away from the original works as we continue, but we’ll try to keep it as close to the originals as we can.

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Apr 24

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 236 “Don’t Wanna Dream No More”

Oh, Dokken. Fair warning to those who enjoyed Dan and Max arguing about Netflix for 20 minutes last episode, this episode is argument free. It’s also largely Paul free, as he was suffering from some serious headache issues during recording. Also, Jarrod doesn’t remember things from movies he has actually seen. Oh, and we continue remaking Nightmare on Elm Street films, this time, it’s the Dream Warriors.

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Apr 17

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 235 “The Second Nightmare on Elm Street”

Things are starting to change within our Nightmare on Elm Street remakes. Yes, already. In the second film. Though mostly that’s because the original Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is actual garbage. Though I can promise that our film will still have weird bondage sub-themes. Also, Max and I get into a decent length discussion (argument) about Netflix. Paul was upset.

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Apr 10

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 234 “What A Nightmare!”

Oh boy, guys! This is the start of a super long thing we’re beginning today. We’re going to remake every single Nightmare on Elm Street film. We’ve taken the first film here in this episode, and we’ve already made some changes that are going to echo throughout the next few weeks of telling the overarching story of Freddy Krueger. We’ve also pulled the story forward a bit in time, so that we can have it eventually take place in the present time. So settle in, we’ve got nine episodes coming your way in this series.

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Apr 03

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 233 “The Master of Puppets”

Do me a favor. If you haven’t seen Puppetmaster, please do so before listening to this episode, because if you aren’t familiar with what we’ll be talking about, you really should be. I don’t often implore this, but this week’s episode goes some weird places and they don’t seem quite as weird if you’re familiar with Charles Band and his body of work.

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Mar 27

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 232 “The End of a Franchise”

Many many months ago we created an original franchise based on a child detective in the Encyclopedia Brown vein, we did three episodes over the course of a couple of months where we expanded upon the lore and world we had created. Then we stopped talking about it. Until today! We’re back bringing a close to our original film franchise with the final chapter in Dashell Baker, Street Detective’s story.

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