Nov 20

Did You See? – Episode 5 “Neil Blomkamp Did That”

Welcome back, friends and fans and friends of fans. This week Dan and Max bring you a television adaptation of books, a film adaptation of a television show, a DVD release, and a short film trailer that is really awesome. Somehow we keep theme-ing these episodes without meaning to. Dan brought the Amazon Lord of the Rings adaptation that was recently announced and the Criterion Collection released of “The Night Of The Living Dead” while Max brought the feature film adaptation of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios “LIMA” trailer.

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Nov 13

Did You See – Episode 4 “Comics Comics Comics Comics”

This week Dan and Max talk about comics at length, and also about a film that is so inspired by 1960s horror you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s not only a year old. Dan brings news of Brian Michael Bendis signing exclusively with DC comics and the film “The Love Witch” while Max brings Marvel Legacy and the recently announced television adaptation of Garth Ennis’s “The Boys” comic. So yeah, comics comics comics comics.

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Nov 06

Did You See – Episode 3 “We Swear Disney Didn’t Sponsor This One”

Honestly, even though several of the topics we cover are Disney or Disney-adjacent. This week Dan brings news of the Akira live action adaptation that’s been in rumors and discussion for ever at this point and news on the Han Solo standalone picture while Max brings Stranger Things Season 2 and news about predatory Star Wars screening practices. Make sure you check us out in all the social places and wherever fine podcasts are sold.

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Oct 30

Did You See – Episode 2 “Car Made For Homer For Dan”

This week on Did You See, Dan is all about kings of various types with news about the Kingkiller Chronicle adaptation and King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard’s newest release, while Max brings Creepypasta inspired TV and an uplifting story about George A. Romero. Did You See any of these things? Let us know on Facebook where we’re!

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Oct 23

Did You See – Episode 1 “The Pilot”

I know, no one was expecting this. No one saw this coming. We didn’t announce it, we didn’t promote it, we didn’t even tell anyone we were going to do it. But we sure did it! Dan and Max are back with new pod content for your earholes! So stick this in your earholes! In this podcast we talk about things we think and hope the other has seen or should see!

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Oct 08

Supraliminal Films Content Update

Dear Friends and Fans,
It is with heavy hearts we get to make two announcements, which would under
different circumstances, be good news. We have a chance to take advantage of some very
big opportunities in the world of film. While this means more visual stimulation from us, it does
come at a bit of a big cost for the aural side of things as well as a bit of a loss for web content.
Unfortunately, in order to take the time and make the appropriate effort for these
filmmaking endeavors, we will have to cancel the launch of Poor Man’s Process Volume 2. So
to our podcast fans, our sincerest apologies. But, we are at the end of the day, Supraliminal
Films, and film/visual art is our passion. We would rather put Poor Man’s Process on the shelf
for a time then create a mediocre podcast and mediocre films.
Similarly, we are canceling On Set with Supraliminal Films. Any BTS (behind the
scenes) content we begin to capture will have to be kept behind closed doors until the
appropriate time has come. Additionally, we are not satisfied with just feeding you all old clips.
While we do hope it helps you feel like you can make films too, we feel further content of the
nature would be redundant at best. And our goal is to always bring fun, interesting and
original stuff. On Set with Supraliminal Films would cease doing that quickly based on its
So, to wrap it all up we want to remind you of what we have going on as of now. We
are still releasing weekly video content! We have Filmfaker’s Commentary where we watch a
scene from a film and discuss it. We have Best of Poor Man’s Process where we (mostly
Paul) artistically visualize the best moments of good ol’ Poor Man’s Process (all 250 episodes
are still available free at our website). And of course, 123 Shoot! Where we make short form
comedy pieces for you folks who love laughs at a quick internet pace.
In conclusion, 2017 has been a very strange year for us here at Supraliminal HQ. We
have had dramatic changes and are working hard on very big things behind the scenes. So
fear not, we are not going anywhere! But, we do have to commit to quality projects, not just a
critical mass of mediocre to poor projects. Any questions or comments, please reach out on
social media, or e-mail us if you want to ask something in private. From all of us at
Supraliminal Films thank you to everyone who watches, listens, and participates. Without you,
we would have stopped doing this a long time ago. Keep an eye for some big announcements
and fun new things coming your way soon!
Dan, Jayrod, Paul and Max
The Supraliminal Films Team

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Sep 10

Episode 0 – Welcome to Volume 2

Welcome back newcomers and old friends alike to the new version of the beloved podcast, ‘Poor Man’s Process’. We wanted to do an early episode because we miss you all so darn much, and we wanted to catch you up on the details of our re-launch! So, strap in and prepare for that Supraliminal brand of aural pleasure! Enjoy!

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Jul 31

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 250 “This Is The End”

No, we’re not remaking the movie “This Is The End” this week. We’re ending the podcast. 251 weeks, 250 episode releases. As with all things it’s time to move on to other endeavors. BUT! We’ll soon be back with a new and revamped podcast, so look out for that in the near future. In this episode we go down the rabbit hole of new content, I cry a lot, and we give a proper Viking Funeral to a truly fantastic 5 years of podcast related content. And sometimes, you just want to do Darth Vader’s theme when you open a podcast.

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Jul 24

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 249 “The End Pt. 1”

This is almost it, folks. This is the one before the one. The last one before the last one. This is the final episode of Poor Man’s Process before the final episode of Poor Man’s Process. So what did we do? We did what we did in Episode 99. We sat down and talked about every episode we’ve recorded since September of 2014, and man, did we forget a bunch of them. So sit back, settle in because this is a long one, and come with us on a journey through the last 3 years of podcasting. Also, we intro the podcast with a somewhat lengthy discussion about Magic the Gathering, so if that kinda thing isn’t your bag, I’m sorry in advance.

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Jul 17

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 248 “Hardly Clerkin'”

It’s Dan’s turn to come up and talk about remaking his favorite movie. This was a tough one because Jayrod had already done a Star Wars movie and on any given day, Dan’s actual favorite could be any number of things. Because of this, he decided on Clerks because it’s the film that inspired him to become the content creator he is today. Overweight guy from New Jersey makes a movie about his friends? I can DO that! I’ve DONE that!

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