Jan 19

To Infinity! (war) – Episode 3 “Iron Man 2”

I am of the opinion that the first Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of the worst of the worst when it comes to Marvel movies. And this is definitely one of them. How do you take Sam Rockwell fresh off of Choke and Mickey Rourke fresh off of The Wrestler and make a movie that sucks? I don’t know, but they sure did. And we had to talk about it. And I had to write this bit explaining that.

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Jan 15

Did You See…? – Episode 13 “Tom Riddle Apparates In Hogwarts”

This week on Did You See…? Dan talks about Awesome Games Done Quick raising over 2.2 million dollars to help beat cancer, Max sets off a long discussion about a Harry Potter (specifically Voldemort-based) fan film, Dan discusses snow in the Sahara Desert, and Max closes us out with a follow up to a story from an earlier episode about Oats Studios beginning to seek funds to expand their internet media offerings. Is there something you want to know if we’ve seen, or something you think we should see? Find us on Facebook and Twitter and tell us about it! We’re Did You See Pod or Podcast in those places!

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Jan 14

To Infinity! (war) – Episode 2 “The Incredible Hulk”

Second episode time! It’s the Ed Norton Hulk this time, and Dan’s revelation about this movie may surprise you. Clickbait title not-withstanding, check this episode out, and expect each episode on Friday of each week from now on, two episodes this week in order to get on our intended release schedule.

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Jan 12

To Infinity! (war) – Episode 1 “Iron Man”

Welcome to a brand new podcast! In this limited run show, Dan and Jayrod will be going through each of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films one-by-one each episode until Avengers: Infinity War releases. This episode we go through the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Iron Man.

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Jan 08

Did You See…? – Episode 12 “The Nostalgia Generation”

Welcome back, fans and friends. This week Dan and Max spend the first few minutes going over their personal highs and lows from the last year as well as some of their favorite stuff from 2017. Then Dan brings us the news of Gillian Anderson leaving the American Gods tv adaptation, Max brings us the Tales From The Hood sequel we never knew we wanted. Then Dan continues the good news train that Max started by telling us about the Animaniacs reboot that’s coming to Hulu, and Max rounds us out with some of the best news we’ve ever talked about: the hole in the Ozone Layer is shrinking! Make sure you check us out on facebook and twitter!

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Jan 01

Did You See…? – Episode 11 “Awful Lot of Tea Cups”

Happy New Year to all! This week Dan brings news of the Roseanne reboot, relaunch, whatever it is. Max talks about AMC Theaters and their potential plan to introduce tiered pricing for moviegoing. Dan then brings us back to Star Wars for discussions about Mark Hamill’s opinions about The Last Jedi and why it might not be the best idea to air your personal issues with your boss on the internet. Lastly, Max who ever has his finger on the pulse of Hollywood brings news that most of the films up for major awards in this upcoming season have had their screenplays released online for any and all to read. Is there something you want to know if we’ve seen, or is there something you think we should have seen? Let us know on facebook and twitter!

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Dec 25

Did You See…? – Episode 10 “The Paul Verhoeven I’m Thinking Of”

Murry Chrimbus everyone! This week’s episode features Dan talking about Netflix throwing some Christmas shade on dedicated viewers, Max getting an announcement of a Christmas gift for him of a new crossover Ghostbusters comic, Dan discussing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds going in to official and actual release, and Max telling Dan that there’s a teaser out for the next season of Channel Zero (and it still won’t be about Jeff The Killer, much to both of our host’s collective joy). Is there something you wonder if we’ve seen or think we should see? Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Also don’t forget to rate and review us on iTunes!

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Dec 19

Marvel Rant 3

It was a Film Studio Merger in 3 parts:
First is the pure excitement of having Marvel’s first family become a part of the MCU. With them the Mutants ride in on a Blackbird Jet.
Second is a concern of too many stories. One could say that it won’t be easy to have cohesion between so many possible stories.
Third is the true terror of what monopolies do to an industry. Filmmakers around the world should be worried that one of the powerhouse studios has just been eaten alive by the mouse.
My first rant talked about how the characters were split among several companies (http://www.supraliminalfilms.com/archives/443). My second went on to celebrate Sony letting Marvel borrow Spiderman, but needing to get their own house into order between the films, ABC shows, and Netflix (http://www.supraliminalfilms.com/archives/911). Add on to that Hulu getting the Runaways and Freeform getting Cloak and Dagger, the MCU is nearly as divided as the studios ever were. This won’t be about Marvel’s divide, however. This time, there will be less ranting, just cautious optimism.
I certainly can’t take credit for the Fox/Disney merger happening, but I’ve been hoping for MCUnity for a while now. It’s an exciting time for Marvel movie fans. With Infinity War on the horizon, there’s no telling what’s in store for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. One giant universe with so many stories can be one of the most rewarding things for a fan of both the comics and films. There will be so many things thrown in to every story it might be hard to keep up.

That’s why this might be too much of a good thing. As I mentioned in Marvel Rant 1, Paul is of the opinion that the X-Men are best left to their own corner of the comic world. They have so many characters and story lines on their own that some of the more interesting points would get lost if you mix them in with the rest of the heroes. I believe adding in a touch of some of Xavier’s finest would be a great nod to the comics. It might be best if the existing X-Men universe, as convoluted as it may be, be left mostly on it’s own. Bringing in a couple characters using the Multi-verse brought up in Dr. Strange might be the best way of having a couple of characters pop in. One could argue that in a couple of years having a Secret Wars film might be the best way to have these characters come together for the first time, and something from that incident could bridge the existing worlds like the Bifrost. You can’t have your story be too rich in flavor and mythos because then story suffers. That may end up being a problem no matter what sadly.

Now that there is one fewer competitor in the Blockbuster film market, the remaining studios, namely the one with most of the toys, might find it easy to start relaxing. The issue with monopolies and oligopolies is that when there isn’t enough competition, the products can start to diminish in quality with no real repercussions. Rian Johnson, whose Star Wars film has just released, was able to secure the ability to create a new Star Wars trilogy with NO STORY PITCH! While I trust his directing and am quite hopeful for the future of Star Wars, Disney’s lack of due diligence for the film making process is worrisome. If this starts becoming a trend, several franchises, including Marvel, may be subject to half-baked ideas and shoot from the hip planning.
Every other Windows product was poorly received and lackluster. I don’t want the same thing to be said of any franchise that I’ve invested so much time and money into. So if somehow someone at Disney is reading this, please don’t screw this up.

Mostly excited Comic Book Movie Fan
Rather concerned Film Maker
Terrified individual who has studied Business and Marketing

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Dec 18

Did You See…? – Episode 9 “Ron’s Ron Shirt”

Welcome back once again, fans. This week Dan brings the most talked about pop culture news of the year, Fox’s sell-out to Disney. Max discusses Friday the 13th the game adding in a new iconic character in their latest freely available update. Dan reads to us from “Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash” a book written by a predictive text network. Max closes out the show with a discussion of “Better Watch Out” a really awesome sounding Indie Horror film. Anything you think we should see, or anything you wonder if we have? Let us know on facebook and twitter.

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Dec 11

Did You See – Episode 8 “A Spirit Bomb”

Welcome back, loyal fans. This week Dan takes us back yet again to the world of the DCEU to discuss a potential reshuffle within the Warner/DC creative teams, Max brought notes about how bad the Russian Sci-Fi Superhero movie “Guardians” is, Dan discusses the announcement that Quentin Tarantino will likely get to direct an R-Rated Star Trek film, and Max closes us out with the somewhat sad announcement that Guillermo Del Toro is no longer attached to the “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” film but has been replaced by the guy who directed Trollhunter so it’s kinda a wash. Make sure you check us out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with us, and if you’ve seen something you’re wondering if we’ve seen you can reach out to us on those platforms!

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