Sep 10

Episode 0 – Welcome to Volume 2

Welcome back newcomers and old friends alike to the new version of the beloved podcast, ‘Poor Man’s Process’. We wanted to do an early episode because we miss you all so darn much, and we wanted to catch you up on the details of our re-launch! So, strap in and prepare for that Supraliminal brand of aural pleasure! Enjoy!

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Jul 31

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 250 “This Is The End”

No, we’re not remaking the movie “This Is The End” this week. We’re ending the podcast. 251 weeks, 250 episode releases. As with all things it’s time to move on to other endeavors. BUT! We’ll soon be back with a new and revamped podcast, so look out for that in the near future. In this episode we go down the rabbit hole of new content, I cry a lot, and we give a proper Viking Funeral to a truly fantastic 5 years of podcast related content. And sometimes, you just want to do Darth Vader’s theme when you open a podcast.

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Jul 24

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 249 “The End Pt. 1”

This is almost it, folks. This is the one before the one. The last one before the last one. This is the final episode of Poor Man’s Process before the final episode of Poor Man’s Process. So what did we do? We did what we did in Episode 99. We sat down and talked about every episode we’ve recorded since September of 2014, and man, did we forget a bunch of them. So sit back, settle in because this is a long one, and come with us on a journey through the last 3 years of podcasting. Also, we intro the podcast with a somewhat lengthy discussion about Magic the Gathering, so if that kinda thing isn’t your bag, I’m sorry in advance.

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Jul 17

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 248 “Hardly Clerkin'”

It’s Dan’s turn to come up and talk about remaking his favorite movie. This was a tough one because Jayrod had already done a Star Wars movie and on any given day, Dan’s actual favorite could be any number of things. Because of this, he decided on Clerks because it’s the film that inspired him to become the content creator he is today. Overweight guy from New Jersey makes a movie about his friends? I can DO that! I’ve DONE that!

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Jul 10

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 247 “The Hard, The”

Paul is up on the docket today, as he takes us through how he would remake Die Hard within the Poor Man’s Process formula. We talk about the differences between Die Hard the movie and Nothing Lasts Forever, the book that Die Hard was based on. So take a journey into Nakatomi Plaza with us, in this, the 4th to last episode of Poor Man’s Process ever.

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Jul 03

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 246 “Sad Max”

This is our second episode wherein we remake our favorite movies. Max loves Ghostbusters, he’s loved it since childhood. Max doesn’t like too many things and it’s kinda sad that he got a remake of his favorite film and just didn’t like it at all. Through this episode, Max is trying to both come to grips with the remake he got, and conceptualize a remake that wouldn’t suck.

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Jun 26

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 245 “Black Jedi, You My Son!”

It’s almost over, kids. It’s almost over. Poor Man’s Process is coming to a close, because after almost 250 episodes it’s time to bring this chapter of podcasting to a close. We’ve got this episode and then 5 more, and then we’ll be back with a new and different podcast about movie-making. This episode is the start of our last theme run of podcasts, we’re going to remake each of our favorite movies. Jayrod is up first, and he’ll be bringing us The Empire Strikes Back.

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Jun 19

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 244 “A Podcast About A Movie About Podcasts”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This episode faces some technical difficulties and does not sound up to our normal quality standard. We have endeavored to make it the best we can given the circumstances, so we hope you’ll bear with us.

Well. We’ve finally done it. We’ve gone so far into this podcast about movies thing that we’ve created an original film concept featuring podcasts at the center. We create a bunch of great podcast ideas in this, so don’t steal them from us, please.

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Jun 12

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 243 “Redneck Gigolo”

I’d be willing to bet that most people listening to this podcast have never seen the movie we remade in it. Actually, I’d be willing to bet that most people haven’t seen it. Poolhall Junkies is a cult movie from 2002, starring a pre-Smallvile Michael Rosenbaum, and a post-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, pre-recent reemergence Ernie Reyes Jr., as well as Chazz Palminteri and Christopher Walken. Yes, even with a cast like that you’ve never heard of it. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it.

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Jun 05

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 242 “Remake a Remake”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again, this episode is plagued by having been recorded on sub-standard equipment. Our apologies continue, but we’ve tried to bring it as close to our normal standard as possible.

Someone, and I don’t now remember who it was, asked me when we started down the road of “Nightmare on Elm Street” remakes if we were going to remake the Platinum Dunes remake. I told them at the time, “of course we are” and I didn’t lie. Getting to remake a sad entry into the franchise is all why we did this. #2, and now this one, are the worst movies within the franchise, and in both cases, ours are better.

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