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Jun 01

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 137 “The Observer Effect”

We’ve made it, folks, we’ve made it through the Season 3 Memoirs of the Macabre Behind-The-Scenes retrospectives. This week we discuss a short very very long in the making from the twisted mind of Paul Hackett, The Observer Effect. This is also the only short this season to feature a member of Supraliminal Films in …

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Mar 31

Memoirs of the Macabre – Chapter 19 “The Observer Effect”

And with that, Season 3 comes to a close. This is easily the most out-there episode we’ve ever created, so I hope you all enjoy it.

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Mar 30

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 128 “Monster Squad 2: Monster Squid”

We’re back once more for Sequel Month, this week with a sequel to an absolute kid’s movie classic, Monster Squad! I (and by the way, it’s Dan that writes these, in case you didn’t know) hadn’t ever seen Monster Squad until adulthood, but it quickly slotted itself into the Pantheon of Kid’s Movies that I …

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