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Nov 09

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 160 “Child, Predator”

This is the final episode of our look back at Season 4 of Memoirs of the Macabre. This episode is one of the more interesting ones because we had not yet finished editing the Memoirs episode when we recorded this, and no one apart from Dan had seen any of the footage. You now know …

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Nov 02

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 159 “A Brief Discussion”

The third episode of our looks deep into this season of Memoirs of the Macabre is here. Listen in as Max talks about his latest creative endeavor and we discuss how to make dialogue sound like normal conversation instead of just like pre-written dialogue. http://media.blubrry.com/didyousee/p/www.supraliminalfilms.com/podcasts/PoorMansProcess159Discussion.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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Oct 31

Memoirs of the Macabre – Chapter 23 “Child Predator”

We’ve reached the end of Season 4, friends, and we’re glad to have had you along for the ride. This week’s tale is a cautionary one about the dangers of meeting new friends online and the proper placement of commas.

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Oct 24

Memoirs of the Macabre – Chapter 22 “A Brief Discussion”

Back with another very horrific story for you, our loyal fans. Two friends are caught in an argument about just what exactly you should do while being pursued by a horror movie killer. Enjoy!

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Jun 01

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 137 “The Observer Effect”

We’ve made it, folks, we’ve made it through the Season 3 Memoirs of the Macabre Behind-The-Scenes retrospectives. This week we discuss a short very very long in the making from the twisted mind of Paul Hackett, The Observer Effect. This is also the only short this season to feature a member of Supraliminal Films in …

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May 18

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 135 “Fresh Cuts”

It’s week 4 of our Memoirs of the Macabre Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes looks. This week it’s Fresh Cuts, which is probably my personal favorite for shorts this season, and I feel like in all ways everyone involved in this crushed it. Also, Paul disgusts Max, confuses me, and probably someone upsets Jayrod. We go back …

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May 11

Poor Man’s Process Episode 134 – “Faceless”

We’re back with more behind-the-scenes trivia and information about Memoirs of the Macabre Season 3 this week! This time it’s episode 3, which came to us in full script form from friend of the podcast (and boss of Max and Jayrod in their day job) Darrell Rapp. This is also one of my favorite shorts …

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Apr 26

Poor Man’s Process – Episode 132 “A Cut Above”

For some of you, this is the best time of our year on Poor Man’s Process. Instead of talking every episode about movies we wish we could make, this week and for the following 5, we’re talking about movies we actually made. It’s time to go through Memoirs of the Macabre Season3 and talk about …

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Mar 31

Memoirs of the Macabre – Chapter 19 “The Observer Effect”

And with that, Season 3 comes to a close. This is easily the most out-there episode we’ve ever created, so I hope you all enjoy it.

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Jan 31

Memoirs of the Macabre – Chapter 17 “Fresh Cuts”

It’s that time once again, loyal Memoirs of the Macabre fans. Time for another episode to shock and disturb you. This month’s tale is about a few girls alone for a cookout who get into some trouble.

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