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Dec 30

Filmfaker’s Commentary – “Darkman”

This is the last time you’ll see a full film outlined on Filmfaker’s Commentary, from here on we’ll be presenting a slightly more digestible format, so stay tuned for the new year!

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Sep 21

Filmfaker’s Commentary – “Barbarella”

Welcome back for another commentary with your friends here at Supraliminal Films! We got a cult classic for you here, the sci-fi adventures of Barbarella! Listen along as we discuss the Matmos, Catchmen, and John Phillip Law!

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Sep 05

Filmfaker’s Commentary – “Batteries Not Included”

Back at your with some more commentary goodness. This recording was fraught with difficulty and took three attempts to finally finish, but we got it out there. So sit back,queue up “Batteries Not Included” on your medium of choice, turn the sound on it down, and put us in your ears.

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Jul 19

Filmfaker’s Commentary – “The Warriors”

This is another episode of our commentary show. The video can be found on our YouTube page, but for those of you who like audio only, we’ve got this here for you.

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May 13

Filmfaker’s Commentary – “The Running Man”

Back with the second episode of our brand new commentary show, and this time we’ve got a full length commentary for the Arnold classic, “The Running Man”. This film is available on Netflix at the moment, so check it out and watch along. It’s also available on YouTube if you want a more visual experience.

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Mar 31

Filmfaker’s Commentary – Suburban Commando

We’re taking a new direction here at Supraliminal Films, providing you with commentaries to films that don’t already have them. This first entry is for the 1991 Comedy fiasco “Suburban Commando”. Check it out in audio only format here, and if you want it with something to look at, you can check it out on …

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