May 11

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Marvel Rant 2 – Civil War (Spoiler Free)

While Marvel’s Civil War comic series gets a sequel and the MCU brings it’s own version, the film franchises of Marvel heroes are finally becoming less divided. Last year we got word that Spiderman would finally get into movies with characters that he’s been involved with for decades in the comics. This brought hope that all of the characters that got scattered might actually have a chance to interact in a way that we’ve been hoping for since Nick Fury first started the Avengers Initiative. As I stated in my first Rant, seen here – http://www.supraliminalfilms.com/archives/443 , the Avengers brought together a lot of characters that have a strong presence on their own into something greater. When I posted that first rant I had very little hope that Sony, Fox, and Disney could all work together in an effort to bring a more flavored universe to life. Somehow, it has happened.

Since the last rant, The Punisher and Daredevil have both entered the MCU in a big way. Both have had a rebirth and have become more popular now then when they both had their own films. Spiderman has made is MCU film debut, and to keep it brief, it was a great introduction to a very familiar character. A few other small part characters have made the transition from their previous studio into Disney’s MCU. Foggy Nelson, Eleckra, Kingpin, Stick, and Ben Urich among others all entered on Netflix’s Daredevil.

Dozens of new heroes have entered the fray, including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Vision, Black Panther, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. The latter 2 were a bit of a shock considering the fact that they are both X-Men. Even more confusing was the fact that Quicksilver was going to be making his debut in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It took a lot of explaining to get the basic concept that since they were both featured in X-Men and Avengers comics, both were fair game. They were different versions, including the concept of the MCU version being created by the Mind Stone scepter and not being born that way. It was a clever way to put more into the MCU without having to negotiate with other studios in the way Spiderman was dealt with.

There is now, however, a slightly different issue haunting the MCU. There are three distinct factions involved. The Films, the Netflix series, and ABC’s series. There have been slight cross overs from films into Netflix and ABC. Mostly Nods and a mentions of events that have happened in the films. ABC has drawn direct characters from the films, however with only Lady Sif, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury as exceptions, once you go to ABC you never come back. There has been no mention of anything from Netflix or ABC in the films. This is where this is a rant and not just a celebration of the victories from my previous Marvel related entry. The clamoring for the Defenders (Netflix Characters) to enter the films is huge. The idea that Shield and Inhumans can exist on ABC and are not at all mentioned in the films at all is another huge miss. The films were going to include Inhumans in the line up as early as 2019, but as things get more crowded it got pushed back and then finally removed from the line up. It seems that the word can’t even make the jump from TV into the films, so that spells doom for any crossover hopes for the time being.

With the issues of 3 separate MCU factions and Fox’s refusal to let Fantastic Four die and be reborn in the MCU make for a few more hurdles before everything can be like it should be, but there is still hope. The Civil War is far from finished, but a few battles have been won!


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