Oct 06

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Poor Man’s Process – Episode 104 “Max Said We Should Call This One “Titties””

He really did. We talked about it at dinner before recording. He thought it would get more hits on the page. Only time will tell now. Also, this is the second anniversary of Poor Man’s Process, so what did we do to honor that? Well, we sure didn’t just make a normal podcast about making movies. It was an unexpectedly mildly drunk podcast, and so things were discussed like person you’d most love to have a drink with, living or dead, and how much money it would take for each of us to quit the rest of our lives and go make a movie. Paul’s history as a hobo is discussed, and Jayrod’s history of medical weirdness is also discussed. Dan’s tendency to make odd noises into the mic while drinking is complained about, and Max brings up the possible return of that long-ago abandoned PMP threat: the Swear Jar.

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