Aug 27

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Welcome to Supraliminal!

Good Day!

First of all, let me thank you for taking the time to visit our site! We are trying harder than ever to get you original content that will shock and amaze you (or enough to keep you coming back, anyway).

So let me tell you about the major event happening at Supraliminal Films, and that is our new horror anthology web-series! Starting this Halloween of 2012, the new series will arriving monthly. With all sorts of scares, gore and sheer terror! We are hoping you horror heads are pleased with this invasion of original content.

Leading up to that release we are going to be putting up some odds and ends to wet your whistles. The first tid-bit is our sizzle reel for the web-series. Take a gander at the ‘video archives‘ to look over that nastiness.

Again, we at Supraliminal Films just want to sincerely thank you for dropping in to see what is going on, it means a great deal to have you take a gander. So certainly stop back over here, because in the words of a famous cenobite, “We have such sites to show you!”


Supraliminal Films

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