Feb 17

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Poor Man’s Process – Episode 71 “You Killed My Podcast, Prepare to Die”

If you couldn’t tell from the headline, you’re going to either love us or hate us this week on PMP. We’re remaking “The Princess Bride”, which is a film that a lot of people hold very dear. If you’re one of those people, and you hate people changing things you hold dear, prepare the hatemail cannon the fire upon us. Also, this week marks the premier of podcasts recorded on our brand new equipment. PMP sounds like a super quality ‘cast this week, and will continue to do so from here on out. Can’t wait for you all to join us on our journey of being a better cast. ALSO! We need iTunes reviews and Star Ratings. If you like the show, please go to iTunes and review it, so that we can get some sweet sponsor deals and keep bringing you more funny, engaging podcasts every week.

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