Nov 30

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Movie Money 3

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Let’s get a little bit more specific. From my last blog I went through quite a few different issues that may arise for filming. This time I’ll go into a bit more detail on finding people.


It all begins at the stage of “Who do I know?” These are the people that you can call or text, and you’ll have yourself an actor or crew member in a few minutes. Granted, not everyone has the desire to be in front of the camera, but there are times when you work with what you have. It might take some convincing to get someone in front of the camera and say a few lines, but it usually turns out fine in the editing.


The second stage could be called “Who do people I know, know?” This category of people can take a bit more time to get in contact with. There are usually a few people in any person’s circle of friends who enjoys the camera. Some may have been on the play in high school while others really enjoy the idea of being on camera entertaining people. These are the people who can bring a lot of value to your films. They tend to take acting a bit more serious then someone you’d have to convince to be on film. On that same token, you are also likely to find people who are proficient on the other side of the camera. There are probably people who took Audio Video classes in high school and really like working behind the scenes.


From this point you can start to find even more people that you have little to no connection to. While extra hands are a great thing, too many hands can begin to spoil the product. The more people who are familiar with acting and filming, the more likely it would be that their opinions could get too forward. It’s at this point that if you don’t have enough help, it might be time to do the unthinkable. Hire actors and crew members to get your film finished. This can sometimes spell doom for the Micro-budget film maker. Not every film maker has the budget to pay for actors or a camera crew. This is where the less prepared filmmaker reaches an impasse. Continue making the film with less than willing actors, or postpone the filming until there is enough money to hire at least semi-professionals.


All of these steps will have to be repeated for when you need music for the film. Hopefully the director knows at least someone musically inclined. This is a great benefit when searching for original music. While the rest of the steps of searching can be followed for musical talent, there is one additional route to take that you can use with acting: The Public Domain. There are thousands of free to use songs on the internet. Some people might think that this is the best route to take, however if you can get original music for free, that is always the best route. Original material can be written and performed around the scenes that it’s made for while a free song being forced to match a scene might not flow naturally.


That is all the relevant information I can give on the process of a people search. Hopefully when you search for talent it goes smoothly and you can avoid any unwanted spending.


Jarrod Kershaw

Supraliminal Films: Accounting

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