Feb 12

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Did You See…? – Episode 17 “A Giant Pile Of Money”

It’s what we all wish for, right? A giant pile of money? At least it’s what I wish for, so I could quit my job and spend all day making podcasts and videos for my fine fans. Sadly, I don’t have a giant pile of money, but I do have a new podcast episode. This week, Dan brings us rumblings about a feature film starring DC Comics’ Lobo; Max brings us the Blu-Ray release of Victor Crowley, the latest film in the Hatchet series; Dan talks to us about Firefly finally getting an expanded novel-based universe; and Max brings us home with discussion about a potential sequel to Get Out that has both hosts a bit worried about a cash grab scenario. Is there something you want to know if we’ve seen or think we should see? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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