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Welcome to Supraliminal Films

Dan, Max, Paul, and Jayrod welcome you to the web home of Supraliminal Films. Inside these pages you’ll find all sorts of original content, like:

–Poor Man’s Process: Our weekly Podcast about making movies on the cheap. Or at least trying to.

–Did You See…?: Dan and Max talk each week about things they think the other should have seen.

–Memoirs of the Macabre: Seasons 1 through 5 are available for your viewing pleasure online now!

–Dream Casting: Our occasional article series which tackles how we would cast the perfect movie based on a popular IP.

And much much more. Each one of us will be blogging on here at different times, so check back regularly to find out what we’re up to. And turn to our Twitter handle (kindly linked to your right ——->) for an even more regular idea of when we’re doing what we do best.

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